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APRIL 2019

The etheric body – the first layer in the human energy field – is disturbed. Everyone feels they are being prodded and cajoled and disturbed, as though somebody or something is poking into their etheric field.

The way to think of the current times is that the earth’s etheric field is being nudged and prodded, cajoled by universal energies that wish to destabilise the earth, destabilise individuals, in order now for a new etheric to take its place on planet earth. There really is a sense that everything has wobbled and changed and disturbed the status quo.

When this status quo has been disturbed in the etheric around individuals, and around the earth, it does have a huge effect; it feels so uncomfortable. And this discomfort makes you feel that things have to change. The disturbance tells you that we can’t carry on like this; there has to be a different way of doing so many things. And it’s urgent.

If we suggest that the whole Brexit scenario has been mirroring, or responding, to this extraordinary need for change; the need right now to be doing things, individually, collectively and universally, in a different momentum; a different frame of reference.

Just for a moment, feel what happens if you smooth yourself down; if you smooth down your etheric body?  Feel how calming that is; with the sense of being much more settled.

So on one level we wish to reassure our readers that this is part and parcel of an evolution of consciousness. But on another level, we ask our readers to take heed of the discombobulation around and within them. And to recognise that what is being asked is a new dynamic; a new way of being in the world of men and women.

We suggest that once Brexit has been resolved, one way or the other, we will feel the settling down of this etheric being – within individuals and around the earth – and we will know that nothing will be quite the same again. When you experience this resettling of the etheric body, you will know that what was destabilised in the old etheric cannot re-stabilise again.

Values and structures within society, were set up on old understandings; on a hierarchical (and monetary) system where there could never be equality, where certain people had value and others didn’t. This must change. Equality has to be universal.

When the etheric realigns, resettles its new form and influence, individually and collectively, it changes our understanding of how we are in the world. We will feel comfortable in this new world, in the new order where there are no anomalies, and no exceptions and no ‘specials’. We can live our lives in the most productive, caring, understanding and accepting way, with no special religions or companies or people telling us what to do.

In the coming weeks and months the realisation that there is no consensus for the old politics, the old monetary system, the old work system, will be a revelation to many, many people who will truly be relieved not to be on the treadmill of the old regime. They will realise in some way that this is what they have been waiting for. A conviction to change the hearts and minds of other people in a new recognition of what it is to be human on planet earth.

We urge our readers to allow the dust to settle; for a new order of things to emerge. Don’t worry that the discombobulation may want to linger for a while, until everything is in alignment again. And then the new dawn can open hearts and minds in this very new way.

Now sit comfortably and listen to this audio meditation: