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MAY 2019

We suggest the most important thing at this time is to allow the energies to settle; settle down. It is as though all the discombobulation has stopped people in their tracks, and in the now moment it is important almost to stand still. Stay still, and allow the dust to settle. Allow the dust to settle into a really significant moment in planetary terms.

Sitting still will become the norm in a way. Sitting still in your environment; sitting still in your whole experience of life. It is a sense of stillness that needs to arrive as the dust settles and the excitement quietens. As the dust settles from all the discombobulation there’s a feeling of quiet inside earth itself.

That may sound extraordinarily unlikely, with the ‘screaming’ that is still going on in the world; the screaming for supremacy; for more; for settling scores; for taking the high road. And yet, if we can take it for granted that the earth itself is settling; that the etheric energy body of planet earth is settling – allowing the planet to feel much more still within – we are somehow made aware of a real quietness in the environment, and a real stillness within, wherever we are.

The idea of stillness is becoming a ‘go-to’ place; a ‘must have’ place, if everything is to open up in a very smooth, more equal, more environmentally friend way. It is as though the storms are quietening. Imagine a stormy sea suddenly becoming calm, or a mountain volcano suddenly subsiding. To the discerning, the environment of planet earth can feel more still, non-agitated.

If at some level the etheric, the sheath around the planet, has quietened and earth itself is allowed to settle and feel much quieter – as unlikely as that sounds – there is, in the bigger picture, a recognition that almost all the storms have done their worst, made themselves felt, come up for review. And now a real sense of stillness can pervade the earth.

It feels like the end of a huge storm; calm and quiet; a relief that the heavyweight energy is over. There is a safety about it, which is very appealing and delightful.

We would take for granted that the raging earth; the raging population; the angry people who fight for ‘this and that’ are screaming and shouting into a place that isn’t actually there.  In other words, those young people who are calm and doing what they need to do in a nice, non-violent, non-angry way – even if unpopular or thought to be misguided, or stuck in an alley that won’t lead them anywhere – they have really caught the zeitgeist. Give them credit for that.

Those people who are angry are shouting into a vacuum. It is not affecting change. This more consensual ideal being tried out doesn’t always work, and doesn’t always lead to where people want it to go. But the ‘quietness of protest’ is much more in keeping with how the earth is now settling.  Simply by allowing a kind of stillness to become the norm and trying it out for size, you will find that life changes much more radically than you could ever achieve by screaming into a vacuum.

The calm seas are in process now and an acceptance of stillness is really the place where action happens.

We suggest you now sit quietly for this guided audio meditation.