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MARCH 2019

“We urge our readers to stop worrying. Again.  And again.  And again. Worrying doesn’t help any situation whatsoever.

It’s time to release the concept of worrying; the worry about everything and anything.  The things that are happening externally today are hugely turbulent and almost unbelievably unkind.  But to worry about these things has no evolutionary value whatsoever.

The evolutionary value right now is stay calm about everything that is going on around you; all that is going on in your own environment. And then, everything will look different. It really will look different. However turbulent or scary things would seem to be, stopping the worry brings a truly new moment of change and enhancement – for individuals and the collective.

If you are particularly worried about one thing in your mind right now – whether it is your own situation, or that of a loved one; or Brexit, or Syria, or Donald Trump – whatever your worry knot, your worry moment is, there is an experience of change that can happen here.

It is as though, in the moment of stopping the worry or anxiety about this particular thing, your whole being can shift to another gear. It shifts a gear and changes your molecules; it changes your direction evolutionarily.

It is a strange concept, but our current predisposition to worry – which comes from fear – is a true moment of evolutionary unfolding. We suggest that in this moment, by letting go the worry and letting go the fear, you can shift to a completely different idea of what it is to be human.

Fear is such a baseline for humanity; of course it is. Yet, ultimately, there is nothing to fear. The one thing all this stems from, is a fear of death. And the one thing no one on earth needs to fear is death. Because it can be understood as an integral moment in Life Itself.

We suggest it is really possible to let go of fear and worry, and the fear of dying. This is a real moment in which to become a being of faith and light and love and understanding.

Imagine that the one thing you fear is now standing in front of you. Whether the fear is for yourself; for a loved one; about Brexit, Donald Trump or climate change; just allow the sense and feeling to emerge that this isn’t life threatening. It isn’t life threatening. Even death isn’t life threatening.

Now take it for granted that by staring the fear in the face and beginning to calm down around it, there is a feeling of peace; a real sense of peace around the thing that currently you think you most fear.

And it changes you.

Indeed, we suggest that you now sit quietly and continue into the audio meditation. Allow yourself to experience how easy it can be not to be fearful.”