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Welcome to Guidelines

The world feels anything but peaceful right now.  But remember that huge change is happening; that humanity is indeed changing its nature. Despite current tensions, we can trust all the positive initiatives that people are putting forward as an antidote to greed, to the incivility to people who are different, to man’s indifference to the fragility of the planet, and just now, war-mongering. These are a real sign that something tremendous is happening in universal terms.

To this end please see the Latest Channelling and the audio meditation that follows. 

It is time to let go so many worries and upsets and difficulties, and to be at peace with yourself and those around you. And if you do not feel at peace with anyone or anything in your life, withdraw from it. Now. Be ready as the world turns. 

This sense of change is bringing more recognition and greater understanding that we are part of a much bigger picture than we might have imagined. Aware of the changing nature of mankind, we begin to understand, in consciousness, a new form of truth; a new idea of what it is to be human.

The aim of Guidelines remains the same: to offer a deeper understanding of our individual and unique role in the tremendous movement towards a more abundant, humanitarian and spiritualised future.

If you need help, individual sessions are held in Charmouth, Dorset and occasionally in London. During the current situation consultations can be conducted via phone and FaceTime.  See Contact.