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About Annie Davison

Annie started life as a journalist, writing for several national magazines and newspapers. She was a researcher on the Parkinson Programme, and then an editorial consultant for various UN organisations, mostly WHO, while living in Geneva.

Annie began work as a conscious, integrated channel in 1995. In fact she saw channelling as just the latest outcome of a long journey of consciousness, opening up more and more to the complexities of ‘accessing information’ from other dimensions with increasing confidence, clarity and truth.

For the last twenty-five years through channelled guidance she has been helping clients understand the meaning of their lives. Her life’s work is to help them reach the highest possible spiritual understanding in order to recognise that human beings are a magnificent part of an unfolding universe.

The levels and applications of Annie’s channelling have changed and been ‘upgraded’ several notches over the years. Today the Masters of Wisdom can reveal, gently and safely, the myriad levels of consciousness available to all those who chose to answer the call.

Annie has run many workshops and courses in France and the UK. She is the author of nine books, including The Wise Virgin (under the name Annie Wilson), considered a seminal work in the field. Her book Time to Change: a guide to life after greed was published in 2011 by O-books, and a metaphorical novel Shadowplay on the feminine descent into matter is now available in paperback and on Kindle.

She has also published two memoirs.  A Spot to Stand,‘ covering twenty-five years of her life – 1970-1995 – when she responded to a ‘call’, which left her no option but to ‘live her truth’: exploring, searching, discovering, unveiling. The time was charged with excitement and urgency, demanding constant, relentless change: shock after shock. It relates the many outer and inner adventures undertaken in the service of evolutionary growth and the integration of spirit and matter. The most recent memoir: A Place to Call to Home? covers the twenty-five years to 2021 which she describes as the years of ‘teaching all she knows’. Both these books are available in paperback and on Kindle. See Publications for details.