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We suggest the ending of Britain’s relationship to the European Union does mark the extraordinary change of history that is happening in the world today. Not the fact of Britain leaving the EU but one metaphor of this historical moment in man’s sojourn on planet earth.

There is a huge change happening as we speak. A huge wave of renewal happening on planet earth.

If we were to ask you to sit very deeply in your seat as you read this channelling and relax every inch of your body to the best of your ability. And then in the way of mindfulness that is so prevalent as a means of relaxation today, find yourself able to delve deep inside your being. Inside your body, inside your whole being, you can hear a new anthem. And the anthem is peaceful. It is a peace anthem, deep down inside humanity.

Is that possible? Is it possible to have peace deep inside humanity itself?

Listen. Listen now to that peace deep inside humanity itself. And hear the stop moment.

It is as though, in this absolutely new time, there is a stop moment. A stop moment that actually indicates there are different dynamics waiting to operate within, and without, all humanity. A stop moment before humanity begins again at some level and changes direction.

It is as though humanity is changing direction. Instead of striving; instead of urging faster and faster for more and more, it is as though humanity has said ‘stop’, in order to change direction and wait.  And the waiting is now about life coming towards us, not about humanity straining and struggling forward, toward an ever diminishing goal.

And because it is now about Life coming towards us, there has to be stop moment. A stopping of the urge towards Life, in order for humanity to change direction and simply wait for Life to come to us.

Imagine how confusing that is.  Imagine, when the world wants to stop, wants to hold a moment’s peace, it is almost like crashing into a barrier.  And that is what it feels like in the world today. An ever rushing humanity suddenly comes crashing against a wall. And so many people are falling down, and feeling confused and unable to find their bearings.

But now, in this very moment, you can hear the peace inside, and know this is different now. You can know that Life can emerge in you, and you can act in consequence. Life Itself is so different now. Life itself has communication; it has collectivity; it has union. It has you before me; it has love not misunderstanding; it has all you could wish for a peaceful existence, now.

Think what you would you wish from this emergent new humanity.  We suggest that everyone would wish, more than anything in the world, to feel at peace. Not to have to fight their corner; not to want increasing amounts of stuff that is never satisfactory. What humanity wants more than anything is Peace.

And here it is – if you just sit still and enter your being mindfully. And as you feel that entry into your being, and feel the peace, then wait.  Wait a moment.  

And then listen. 

And then act.


Now sit quietly and listen to Annie’s audio meditation for this Brexit month.