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We would take the opportunity to reassure our friends in incarnation that life is wonderful. Even though it may look so unstable, that you feel anxious about everything that you see and hear and experience around you.

But it is a wonderful life.  And there can be an end to the anxiety and fatigue and lack of wellbeing that the pandemic has caused in the world over these last three years.

If that sounds impossible to you, why not see yourself to be very well, and happy, in a place that makes you happy. It is an imaginative exercise that allows you to begin to experience a new way of being in the world at this time.  Without fear; without anxiety, and without the overwhelming sense of fatigue that has made everyone feel under the weather in one way or another.

In many ways, in the last month or two, there has been a literal experience of being ‘under the weather’.   There has been enormous pressure which comes with enormous heat. It is as though the air presses down on you all, and the feeling of ennui and fatigue becomes even greater at this time.

And then there is the universal pressure, which is also happening, as things move around; are transported; are changed in the universal firmament. There is a lot of pressure on the human being.

And yet, as this pressure eases and as you allow yourself to stand tall and well, in a place that feels comfortable, you can feel the pressure that has marked this enormous period of change and transition, is lifting away. From the planet, yes, but also from you as an individual.

So that you begin to feel your body relaxing, and listening, and expanding into a very different relationship to your life now.

In a way, it is as though your body has been squashed and pummelled and upset in order for it to be shaken and stirred, and then for all the creases to come out. And in this new feeling of ‘eternal smoothness’ you relax; you feel unruffled, calmer. And you sense that it is passing; that it has passed, this enormous upset and shaking. There is a new world emerging for you; for life. A new sense of being in your world, in your wellbeing.

It won’t be a world without upset and conflict and division, because the old form is still rife. But you are not part of that division, that divided life. You are here in a place of calm and wellbeing  And Life Everlasting.

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