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JUNE 2020

We would like to reassure our friends in incarnation that life as you know it will have such a different tone now. It is as though the music of your life; the energetic rhythm of your life will shortly feel very different.

Such a change of rhythm and music in your lives will allow you to live at a much more leisured pace than you have been able to achieve until now.  It is as though a new vibrational rhythm is entering the world of men and women, and within that shift or rhythm each individual will find a new rhythm within their own being.

So, there needs to be an understanding that it is essential now for a change of rhythm; a change of beat; a change in how each individual operates in the world and dances to a new tune. It is as though in the current Stop Moment – as it still is – you begin to internalise a new recognition of a different rhythm to your life.

In the way of the musical Sweet Charity, ‘The Rhythm of Life is a Powerful Beat’.  And yet right now the rhythm of life is very newly slowed at some level. And in the Stop Moment the earth itself can relax and realign to a different rhythm of life. It is a really significant moment, a really important recognition that the rhythm of life has a different beat, a different relationship to life itself.

The heart has its own beat; the heart has a rhythm, and of late many people’s hearts have had difficulty with the beat and the rhythm. And yet, in the now moment, the heart of the earth and the heart of man can re-align, stabilise and enjoy the relationship between man and earth once again.

We wish to ask that you feel yourself walking to a different rhythm now. In other words, the beat of your being changes, and this even changes how you walk. So much so that other people will probably acknowledge that you are slower; you are more poised; you are more in touch with your whole body. Being in touch with your body now has this important manifestation: that the rhythm of life and the rhythm of man can begin to align once again.

In our view, there needs to be a recognition, each morning when you wake up, that you are slower, less demanding of your body, in terms of revving it up to begin your day.  Take a moment to realign to a rhythm that is new and enjoyable and right.  You open your day; you walk your day; you walk your rhythm from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.  And in doing so, you recognise a much more peaceful relationship to Life Itself.

It is an enjoyable way of experiencing life now; to be in touch with the rhythm and sound of earth itself.


Sit comfortably now and listen to Annie’s audio meditation:

A new venture is my Podcast. It begins with me reading excerpts over several weeks of Time to Change: a guide to life after greed, after it was suggested that it is even more relevant for today.