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We take the opportunity to reassure our friends in incarnation that the external chaos in the world right now  does not have to mean inner chaos for those who have become aware that their own world view is Love. Many, many , many people, all over the world, have come to understood that Love is becoming the modus operandi of Life Itself.

It is time to change. Like the current way of downloading and streaming is a totally changed way of accessing music from the days of cassette tapes and CDs, so the waiting and watching how love is streaming into our world today, shows us, allows us to know and understand, that Life Itself has changed. Life Itself has changed so radically that we are making it the priority idea for all channelling in the future: because LIFE ITSELF is LOVE.

As you sit in your seat at this time, allow yourself to feel the vast relief that ripples through your whole body when we say that Life Itself is completely imbued with loving kindness. And that despite world chaos there is only one idea that needs to infiltrate your entire being  – filter through into every cell of who you are right now – and that is that Life Itself is Love.

In our view the only way to be, as you move  through your new, clean, evolutionarily up-to-date life, is to see and speak everything you encounter through the wisdom of loving kindness.  And as you see and speak within the auspices of loving kindness you will become aware that the cells of your body are actually enlivening with a new hope, a new recognition, a new simplicity and a new trust. You will sense that each and every cell is totally changing its nature.

We take for granted now that all our friends in incarnation are ready to transmit love through every cell of their being. There is a sense of quietness when the cells themselves are radiating loving kindness, which means that the heart can calm down. It is no longer the job of the heart to radiate love; because this task now falls to every cell of your being.  And in that understanding the heart itself can close. Yes, close down. And there is such a feeling of calm, such a feeling of relief that the heart no longer has to work itself up, as it so often does, into a state of anxiety that it may not be loving enough.

The problem for humanity is the worry that we are not loving enough.  And yet, as the heart closes and the cells take on the task of radiating this new awareness of Life Itself, we will see that the ‘stress of love’ stops undermining our true sense of self, who we truly are.

The cells of the body are changing radically, as the memory of evolutionary history fades away out of the cells themselves. When the cells no longer carry history, and the heart no longer carries the burden of loving enough, so as the cells become imbued with Life Itself, and Love becomes the modus operandi. And in that knowing of Life Itself as Love, we can know God.”  

May we suggest you sit comfortably to listen to this audio meditation: