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Thank Goodness!


We take the opportunity to suggest today that there will be change in the air; in your air. In such a way that everything will just feel different.

What do you need in your own personal view to feel different today?  This will be unique for each individual; a way for you to feel there has been a difference. Something you have been needing, wanting, asking for; beseeching for even. And you can notice, today, there is just a hint that actually things have changed on that front; on the front that means something to you.

We suggest there has been a hair trigger of change; as though a spring has been sprung. And even if your life still feels reckless, or insecure, or uncertain, this hair trigger will bring you a sense that, ah ha, there has been change. You can say, “I feel it in my waters”.

In our view Brexit is just such a hair trigger moment. In other words, in this month of September, the threat – if not yet the actuality – of suspending parliament, is a hair trigger of change. Now this may not be satisfying to so many people, nor are we saying we agree with it, or approve of it, or are making a judgement on Brexit at this moment. But it is a hair trigger. It signifies a moment of vast change. Even though the situation feels uncertain, or reckless, or irresponsible – whatever the feeling around this extraordinary event – it nonetheless feels  that things are different; something has changed.

Away from the turmoil of the exterior world, in our view there is now a sense of goodness coming into humanity. Feel around and about you a sense of goodness.  You may need to change your mind about how you view things, but if you look for a world of change, you will see a world of change. You will see there is goodness – even if goodness is sometimes a bit off-key or a little weird in its outcomes.

We suggest that goodness has now prevailed over unkindness or the tendency to dissociate from thinking the best; or wanting the best. There is a feeling in the waters, a groundswell of opinion, that goodness overcomes unkindness, thoughtlessness. It overcomes disproportionate self-aggrandisement or self-indulgence.

So, if we were to quieten, to feel calm, we could trust that change, in its underlying meaning, is about kindness and goodness. It is about realigning to the idea that people do care. They care about you; they care about other people, and they have the wherewithal to open up to empathy now.

Empathy. Empathy is the beginning of new spirituality. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes, so that you cannot, cannot continue to be relentlessly self-indulgent, self-propelled.  It is a marvellous opening to a quality that many people have misunderstood, or not understood, or not even known existed.

We suggest that as goodness becomes the signature, with more and more empathy, there opens up a new spiritual recognition, that human beings are “divinely inspired”, and want to be so; prefer to be so. They do not want to continue in a selfish, unstructured, demarcated way, but wish to act out of the framework of loving kindness.

It is a good moment. See this moment. Open up to this moment. Find it. Find the change. See the change. Respond to the change. It is this that makes for trust and happiness. Now look and find goodness.

May we suggest you sit quietly and comfortably and listen to this audio meditation: