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The most important thing today is to sigh a deep sigh and feel yourself letting go all the ‘old stuff’ you have been carrying over the last difficult while. A deep sigh of relief.

It has been a truly difficult time – witnessed in the geo-political and geo-physical worlds in the past few weeks. So, what we want now from our friends in incarnation is a sigh, almost of resignation; a sigh that tells you can relax. So that, in a moment, you can take an in-breath that brings you into a different atmosphere of hope. And in that feeling of hope, there is a sense that today you can trust again.

And as you trust again, you realise above all that you trust yourself, as though you have come back to yourself in a different way. You feel you can trust who you are, knowing you have done the best you can. And you sense now that there is all to play for.

The most difficult thing is to trust that without a ‘micro-managed’ plan, a clear idea of where you’re going, life still happens.  A fear that things might go pear-shaped if you haven’t got a plan.

But, what we would suggest, is that whereas the ‘old form’; the old life; the old incarnation, demanded you acted ‘wilfully’, that you had a ‘will towards’; so you felt you had achieved, now it is different. In this new incarnational reality, you don’t have to keep trying, you don’t have to micro-manage. Life doesn’t need push after push after push.

In that sigh of relief, ready for that new in-breath, trust who you are; knowing you like who you are and can allow your life to unfold before you – as it will. Trust it will unfold in your best possible interests; for your best possible way of being.

And as you trust, know you are also caring for your own well-being by not pushing, not trying to create and micro-manage every step of your life. It is in your best interests, for your best well-being, to feel calm, and to trust.  Just to open up now, to do what you do; to be what you are.

Things will come, and you will say yes to this, and yes to that. Do things as they come. At the same time, you will feel calm enough to say no to this and no to that: it is not who I am; it is not what I do any more.

It is a relief to say no. It is a relief to say: I don’t have to try with that person anymore; I don’t have to paint the kitchen door tomorrow. I can do it as it happens; when it feels good; when it is good for my well-being, knowing it is good for my body not to be on alert. 

Trust that what comes to you is right for you. Feel into every situation, to see if it matches who you are; what you want to be and what you want to do.

Relax as the month opens. You have taken your big sigh of relief. And as the month unfolds you take that in-breath. A breath of knowing that you are exactly where you need to be, in the right timing. Allow life – your life – to be front and centre.

Of course, you continue your acts of kindness – but you don’t ‘get on your bike’ because you feel you ought to do something. You wait for it to unfold. If caring and helping is part of what you do, you do it in your own timing; your own rhythm. That is what kindness is.

Loving kindness is the key to it all. But right now, as well as being kind to others, above all, be kind to yourself.

Now sit quietly and listen to Annie’s latest audio meditation: