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We suggest the way to begin this auspicious year might be to sit quietly, in a quiet place, to quietly reflect on what it is to be quiet. This is a month for reflection; for feeling quiet; for being calm; for becoming able to be still. 

It is not easy to be still, because the mind flies all over the place.  In the last months there has been such a great need to find out where you are; what you’re doing; how the fear of Covid might be upsetting your system.  And then asking how you might come out of that and find your way.  The mind has been extremely busy with all these questions: What? What if? How? When? 

But we ask our friends in incarnation, to be determined now – in this small period of opening into January 2022 – to be still, and quiet. 

There is still so much wildness in the world; chaos indeed on so many fronts. And here we are asking you to find a quiet place within you –  almost as a matter of urgency.

In order to do this, the number one requisite is to stop worrying about outer world difficulties. Because the world is going to do what the world is going to do. And it is for you, now, to find the still small voice of calm during this chaotic realignment of humanity, as it finds its new way of being human in the world of tomorrow.

We suggest that in this moment of quiet; of stillness, your head can stop spinning.  And to do that, you maybe tap your feet, and imagine, just for a moment, a little dance.  And there’s a delight in that dance – which you can do in your mind’s eye, or in actuality. You do a little dance, and then you feel calm, because you’ve had a moment of joy. And then you return, to sit in your quiet place and find a stillness.

You find a moment; even a few moments, when your head stops spinning from trying to find a way out of what has felt like imprisonment on so many levels.  And spinning because you haven’t found your way through to the next chapter of your life.

But stay still and quiet for a moment.  Realise that everything you have been worrying about can actually be let go. The worry is the worry, but in reality it is possible you can feel a little removed. Realise that the worry is not part of the person who has found a quiet place to be still, who has found a way to quieten down and to withdraw a little, voluntarily.

To find this quietness now has huge benefits – to you and to those around you. Withdrawing a little into your own quietness, away from the business of other people and their worries, has a quietening effect on those around you too, particularly those on whose behalf you have often taken on too much.

So here you are, this month, determined to find a quiet place. A place from which to see where next.

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