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May we accept that life has its ups and downs and will always have its ups and downs. And yet beyond the ups and downs is Peace; Peace that passes all understanding.  And you, individually, can reach that peace.  And can know that peace; that peaceful place that passes all understanding.

You can glimpse it, or you can hold it within your whole being as a place to go. A place not forgotten. A place that doesn’t slip by the minute you touch into it.  It can be the place to go to whenever the world becomes outrageously difficult; whether your own world or the collective world in which you are now taking part.

And if we say, you are now taking part, we suggest that implies that you are in this current life, playing a part, taking a role, allowing yourself to be seen and recognised in the part that you are being asked to play in this particular life.  So, it behoves us all to find that place of peace, and to know that this ultimately is the part you are playing. The peace that passes all understanding can be what you offer to the world of men and women, as you play your particular part in this particular life.

We suggest that peace comes through a recognition that you have done your best; are doing your best and that you do not have to worry or be anxious that perhaps your best isn’t good enough; or that you could be doing something else, or that it isn’t appropriate, or that you might be asked to do something beyond what you are able to give.

If you can allow yourselves to relax, and breathe, and believe right now, deep inside your being, that you are enough.  Here.  Now. And your head does not need to rush into: ‘what is it I haven’t done?’  Or, ‘must I become something I’m not’?  Because now, we believe, there are in the world of men and women…avatars, if you like. Avatars who are able to simply be; to simply allow, and simply become peaceful.

And there is nothing like peace to change the world.

  • Why not sit quietly now and listen to Anne’s audio meditation for the New Year: