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MARCH 2022

My podcast series ‘Utopia in a Dystopian World’ speaks of how it is possible to believe in a new humanity. In view of the current tensions in the world, I felt for this month’s channelling I would simply repeat the following guidance.  

The dark cannot prevail at this time. The human condition has played itself out in the way it was meant to do since time immemorial, and the dark has prevailed for so long.

The way of the world was for men and women to come into incarnation as a duality.  This duality was at war, one way or another, throughout time, until the ‘days of reckoning’ in which the war would have to cease, and the two opposing forces of nature would become one, an integration of spirit and matter, at its most fundamental.

The purpose of history has been to bring the spiritual nature of universal energy, right down into the heart of matter.  In other words, it was the plan ultimately to bring the two opposing forces of the human condition to resting point. The two would be equal, the fighting would stop, and there would be integration of spirit and matter.

But awareness of spiritual light demands awareness of the dark: the unconscious shadows of personal and collective history. And right now, at this critical moment, the accumulated darkness of what it has been to be human, the ‘dissection’ of the world, the highlighting of the separation of the poles of light and dark, is ready to be exposed and cleansed.

In this exposure to the darkness, those who continue to do what they know deep down is wrong, will no longer be part of the ongoing human dynamic towards growth and understanding. They will live in a world of their own.

Because, believe us, despite current atrocities the world is moving on, into a very different state of organic growth and consciousness. The revelations of past wrong-doing; the bringing into light of sexual deviancy, drug cheating and financial misdemeanours, illustrate the areas of the greatest wrong-doing in mankind. And the perpetuation of these particular sins will no longer be tolerated by the energy emerging on planet earth. 

The refinement of earth will now go on at such a pace that this exposure of the darkness will become more and more relevant, highlighting what the earth cannot tolerate and will eject, come what may.

The earth has such a will to good now; the incoming light of spirit is so strong that people everywhere are feeling their own goodness as a volcanic sense, a powerful undertow. This inner drive for good will prevail and the horrors of darkness will be exposed.

Which is why many people are feeling wretched inside. On the one hand the goodness is bursting to be revealed, and with it the purpose of incarnation. On the other, the dark past is threatening to unseat them. The confusion and contortions are sometimes unbearable.

If we begin to recognise what is happening in these rocky times; we can see that each one of us is being asked to make every effort to understand that the secrets and lies we tell ourselves are no longer manageable.

It is the tumultuous unconscious that rocks the boat. So many of you, over the years, have allowed yourself to think the unthinkable; that part of you has perpetuated negative thoughts and actions, through fear and misunderstanding, have seen the guilty secrets or blockages for what they are – the underbelly of what it is to be human – and then let them go. And you can let go any lingering doubts and fears – now.

Take a deep breath. Think it through, feel it through, and allow the light to shine through that disappearing darkness. Know that the utopia in this dystopian world is Consciousness. 

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