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Better Together: The Best Of Britain

October 2014 Channelling

Judging by voter turnout on September 18th, the Yes/No Scottish referendum caught the imagination of more people, young and old, than any other political topic in recent years.

The result, as we know, is that we are still in Union. It seems the majority think we are better together.


“History has been made through the Scottish Referendum. Now the way forward is to recognise the inner and essential meaning of the union of Great Britain, and the role it has to play. Together, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can represent ‘the stabiliser’ in these extremely unnerving and destabilising times.

It is a moment to reflect on the decencies that England has always shown to the world; to acknowledge the determination that the Scots have shown the world; to appreciate the lyrical that the Welsh have shown the world, and the capacity for delight that the Irish have shown the world. This powerful union of decency, determination, the lyrical and delight: is the important contribution that Great Britain can make in these disturbing times.

Try this as a meditation. Feel in your heart that you are a decent human being. Recognise how good that feels; how in this moment all is right with the world.

Now, move your mind to the region of your solar plexus, and experience a real sense of determination. In doing so, feel how effortlessly you can put effort into things. When you marry decency with determination – as you feel the heart and the solar plexus working harmoniously together – you know you can create a life for yourself that is pure and honest: you can feel the honesty in your own determination.

Now, in the region of your third eye, imagine there is a heightened sense of lyricism, a realisation that you have the ability to see with vision. Imagine how lyrical understanding brings the essence of beauty into your experience.

With decency and determination and the lyrical quality of vision, our initiatives can be inspired by beauty – as they are in the most creative and life-affirming pursuits of music, art and literature. All life can become artistic, and as such our lives can be infused with delight.

Feel the union of your heart, solar plexus and third eye, and the delight this brings you. Feel the profound relaxation of being whole and all-inclusive, not fragmented, detached or out on a limb. When we are in positive union with ourselves and therefore feeling good about ourselves, others can feel the benefit from our own vibrant and positive union.

The union of decency, determination, the lyrical and delight creates the best kind of human being for today’s world; confident individuals who aspire to a different, fairer, more encompassing and generous world view.

Great Britain has a unique gift to offer: the union of precise qualities that represent a stabilising force for good. We, too, can know these qualities. By uniting them through the heart, the solar plexus and third eye, we can know ourselves to be decent and determined individuals, with a lyricism of vision. What a delight that can be.

Through this union, we can find stability in today’s speedy environment, where the energy often vibrates uncomfortably and stressfully as the world whizzes by.

We can all play our part, mirroring the bigger task that Britain has to undertake as stabiliser in the modern world.”