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Making The Most Of May

May 2015 Channelling

I fully intended to base this month’s channelling on the UK elections: to discuss the meaning of this very different, multi-party, multi-interest election. But, then, in an interview on the World Service with Patrick Meier, director of social innovation at the Qatar Computing Research Institute, I heard about the Digital Humanitarians. (He has written a book of the same name).

Apparently, as search teams were scouring the rubble in Nepal, a global digital humanitarian effort swung into action. Digital volunteers around the world were sifting all the Nepal Data, through social media, to fully map the disaster and find survivors. The information was collated by other volunteers, and handed to aid agencies at their request. “People want to help”, said Patrick.

I might have known the guides would manage to incorporate the two topics.


“Everyone has the opportunity now to begin to reflect how this life is and has been the journey of a lifetime; the journey of many, many lifetimes. The privilege of living in this lifetime is beyond price because we have the opportunity to recognise a real moment of change in the history of planet earth.

Of course, this moment in time is connected with the unbelievably magnificent World Wide Web. What happened when this extraordinary inspiration came to fruition was the chance for every man woman and child to have their energy exposed to the common core of humanity.

In other words, everyone now has the opportunity to be part of the human race, no matter whether rich or poor or disabled or in disarray or making the best of things the best way they can. It doesn’t matter, because as the World Wide Web entangles everyone’s energy into the pot of what it is to be human, the world is changing according to consensus.

This doesn’t mean to say that all energy that goes into the Web and into humanity is positive. But, believe it or not, there are more people of goodwill than there are trolls, and pornographers, and people who wish other people harm.

The consensus is for the good, and as this consensus for the good becomes more and more substantial in the ‘ethers’, in the human environment, the changes will begin to become apparent. Until now these changes have been pioneered by magnificent individuals, but it is now the World Wide Web that allows the consensus of humanity to come into being; a consensus, on the whole, of good towards mankind.

We have warned before of the dangers of exposing yourself too much, of giving away freely the precious energy of who you are as an individual. There were and are the dangers of being ‘vamped’ by the people you’ve been in touch with. And yet, as the time has gone by – and may we say, with the help of external beings – the consensus is for a real sharing; a real commitment to good.

In many ways, however, what is lacking on the Web is time to reflect; to understand the depth of meaning of what has been happening in this era of incredible technological change. It isn’t easy these days to pull away from the addiction to communicate. But if we ask one thing today, it is that people wean themselves from this constant need to be on-line. Find time every day to stop, sit quietly, and reflect on how deeply you, and every other individual, are holding very important knowledge:  that this era is truly universal and not just about ‘me’ and my wishes and my needs and demands. That there is within ‘me’ the ability to link within my being to a sense of this fundamental goodness in humanity, and that everything in my world is for the good.

This month can be a really mindful experience of a real moment of change within the universal consensus, and we feel the UK election has a real part to play in this. There needs to be an understanding of consensus, of consensus for the good, and no longer consensus for the power. There is an opportunity for the UK to play its part for consensus, for universal good.

There is a feeling in the world today that equality and universal humanitarianism really is the order of the day. Mindfulness in May can really focus on this truth, and if you are bothered by any of the negative aspects of total communication on the Web, do whatever you can to get it out of your social environment. Start again, and know that you are part of a consensus for universal good.

We urge mindfulness this month, to recognise the opportunity for a new consciousness to arise; a new relationship to self, and a new wonderful experience of universal loving kindness.”

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