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MARCH 2024


We take the opportunity to reassure our friends in incarnation that although the waters are very choppy at this time, there will come – in the future now – such a moment of calm. However difficult that is to trust.

What we wish our friends to understand is that after all this time, after all this work they have put into the evolution of humanity, they will be able to rest and feel peaceful, and it is – in the popular parlance – “Because you’re worth it”.

In our view the real issue this month is to recognise that you are telling yourself the truth. Real truth is being rearranged in so many ways and on so many levels. So truth is at a premium now.

What we ask our friends to do is to trust, first of all , that they speak truth to themselves, and therefore speak truth to others.  Trust that ultimately, further down the line, it will be possible to speak truth to power.

If you hold your truth – your truth to and about yourselves – and you speak from that truth to others, it will ripple out.  It will have meaning and consequences out in the real world, a world which is currently struggling with truth, and which will continue to struggle in the next while.

You will recognise what isn’t truthful, not only for yourselves but also when you hear it from others. It will feel such a mismatch within your being, that you will intuitively know how to avoid untruth, and continue to live your truth, to speak your truth, and be who you are in truth.

There is such difficulty and confusion about truth out in the world of men and women, on so many levels. It seems almost impossible to know how to live with that, within that.  But what we suggest is start small, start with you, start with the truth of your own environment. Allow that to spread around you, comfortably, truthfully, gently, and calmly. There is real meaning to living your truth, to live in truth, because it does bring calmness and peace when you understand yourselves to be your own truth. 

In our view, all you need do, while the storms of untruth are raging around you, is to withdraw from it all. Try to avoid too much news; too much social media; too much conversation that you fear is not truthful and not true to who you are.

Then find the things around you that mirror your truth. Places you visit, cafes you go to, and walks you take that really resonate with your truth, with who you are. Expand that environment in as many ways as you can.

Speak truth, Be truth. And know truth.

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