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We suggest to our friends in incarnation that this is a moment of decision. And we ask you right now: are you prepared to let go the old wounds; the old history; the old emotional loop whereby, first of all, you feel you are not worthy, and secondly, that you really did not want to come to planet earth?

It is in the history of mankind that those who first step on to planet earth come with a kind of disappointment, because it not like ‘home’. It is not like the spiritual recognition you have experienced out of incarnation.

And yet you have come to do a job. You have come to do what you need to do, to bring humanity through the baby stages; through the teenage stages; to becoming fully adult, fully human, ready to take the next step, which is happening right now. Humanity is moving out of the purely material way of life on earth, into the multi-dimensionality of being human, within the framework of a human body, on planet earth.

It is a time of enormous upheaval, as the old stages of growth are played out: the child, the teenager, furiously, in a frenzy.  While the planet and humanity are in the throes of such a change, nothing will feel the same again.

It is not surprising, then, that Covid-19 has arrived as a pandemic, a global virus that has shaken the world to the core. And yet, it is with pleasure that we suggest that the world has indeed turned; the world has changed.

In the next months and years there will be opportunities for each individual to become a newly calibrated being, free from the legacy of those past difficulties: the wounds, the insecurities and the fears that have dogged you throughout this and former incarnations. So much so that you will almost forget how difficult your life in the past has been.

We suggest that even in the next weeks, you will notice a relaxing in the heart of who you are; as though the stretched heart, the fearful heart, the damaged heart will begin to mend in an extraordinary manner. It will begin to sit comfortably in your body; it will begin to feel that your heart belongs to you; and not thrown out, ill-used and rigid at some level you now recognise.

And when the heart melts, when the heart softens, when the heart returns to you, you will realise that all the guilts and shames and worries and fears are no longer there.  Because you know now that you really do love who you are. You love yourself.  Yourself is enough. And in that recognition, you begin to sense a new movement, a different pathway; a new relationship to life; a different relationship to family, and the understanding of Self as significant and important. Important in the sense that you are important to yourself.

This is the fundamental change that is happening now; that human beings become significant to themselves. It means that striving and competition and corruption and inequalities and wastefulness and greed really can calm down. Because, when you are in love with yourself, you find contentment in Life.

It is different and it is real.

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