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“May we suggest once again to our friends in incarnation that the most important thing right now is to stop worrying. Stop worrying. Stop worrying. There is no reason to worry.

Why not allow this to be a truly magnificent moment in time. Because the crescendo of activity around you is somehow something you do not need to tap into at all. Know that in your own being there is a little person who is saying… ‘Well, this is okay. It is really okay, despite what seems to be going on around me’.

And the okayness has a feeling of well being within it. Even if you fear there is no reason to trust that well being – because until now you cannot honestly say you have felt it very often – find that person inside you that says, ‘I’m actually in a universe that is quite, quite safe.’ And as you allow yourself to feel quite, quite, quite safe, in a bigger framework than the immediate environment around you, feel a calm coming right down into your being; down through your whole body.

There is so much tension in people’s bodies. And yet, and yet, it is possible to feel your body letting go of this tension now. And, what’s more, we suggest you view this month as a really significant moment in which you are able to calm your body down. Because it’s Christmas.

Christmas has a beautiful energy. Imagine a beautiful scene in the manger; of a mother who absolutely adores the baby she has nearby in the crib. For the adoration of the mother for her baby is something you truly can feel this Christmas. There is in the environment beyond the chaos, a sense of a Feminine Universe, that holds you dear; that holds you in the highest regard. And in that feeling of being held in the highest regard, there can be a sense of well- being – for all of you at this time.

It is as though in the changing of the old guard – this incredibly male, macho, unbearably warrior-like guard – the universe is coming to our aid, as the feminine energy of loving kindness; of the highest regard, and of safe keeping. This the message that the Christmas story, the Christian story, holds dear: that the child is a special child, who is held dear by the mother, and is held safely in the manger.

No matter the circumstances, it is possible to feel this well-being. The energy of being held dear by the feminine universe is pouring onto the earth as we speak. The feeling that humanity is cared for, that you are cared for, can ripple through your being, and into your body. And in this understanding; that you are present, that you exist, that you are held safely in loving kindness and well being, something infills you with the understanding that the true picture is much much bigger than most people ever realise.

There is an opportunity for this sense of well-being to infiltrate throughout humanity in a recognisable way now, as people begin to change their tune. And there are many many people who are changing their tune at this time. They do so from a sense of safety, rather than feeling ‘up against it’, warrior-like and under siege.

So when you recognise the people who are changing their tune; who are making life better and easier for other people, you will know the universe is holding them in its arms, and creating for them a sense of well being. Allow yourself in the coming weeks and months to see that the tune is changing; that the tune can change. Experience a sweeter sense of life and times.”


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