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Why Are We Waiting?

June 2015 Channelling

So many people have been exploring, committing their lives and contributing to an absolute belief in the dawning of a ‘new age’, and the emergence of a new kind of humanity.

Ten years ago I wrote my ‘autobiography’. It was meant as a living journey, a testimony, towards the integration of spirit and matter, through the feminine principle. I ended the story in 1995, and although I am revisiting the book to add an Epilogue, it is clear that the outcome, over decades, is never quite ‘now’.


“We would suggest that we are a step closer to the idea of peaceful cohabitation, in a way that until now, since time began, was not attainable within the human framework.

Peaceful cohabitation could not take place in the past because the separation of spirit and matter meant there was always war, always antagonism. There was always the inability to see the other side of the argument within oneself.

It is as though within all of us there has been an argument – a ‘for and against’, and in this environment of ‘for or against’, no one has ever been certain about themselves, or about anyone else. And because this argument is part of the human condition, there has always been suspicion of the other person.

When the argument rages inside us, it is as though the top half has an argument with the bottom half, right in the middle, in the solar plexus. The argument ‘for and against’ becomes a real tension in the middle of the body.

There is much talk about the search for happiness, but actually the search should now be for peace;  an ideal that has always ended in failure. Peace will come when each individual joins his top to his bottom, his spirit to his matter; and peace instead of war can break out in the solar plexus.

When a man and woman come face to face, there can only be disconnection and dissention – within themselves and with each other. It is in the human condition to be separated. When men and women are together it’s like a four way separation, top to bottom, side to side, and it feels like war. It is not surprising that men and women, one way or another, one time or another, feel torn apart, unable to find the middle ground.

Until now. Because we ask our friends in incarnation, to understand that Cosmic Will, almost by default, almost without trying, is now allowing cosmic energy to be truly in touch with matter.

As you feel this descending cosmic input, feel yourself ‘joining up’, as if for the very first time, locking this integration into your being through the solar plexus. Feel this coming together, this agreement between the top and bottom halves of who you are, and feel the cohesion.

The earth’s magnetic field has been adjusting to magnetise cosmic energy so that the docking is exact. Imagine a rocket docking onto the mother ship with absolute precision. Feel the magnetic pull to the correct place, with correct link. Experience how natural it feels. Suddenly you have landed, you have achieved your mission.

And this is also the way it should feel when the masculine slots perfectly into the feminine. Until now this linking up has never been totally satisfying, never offered real peace and happiness.

Trust now that you are the perfect docking mechanism for the incoming spirit of  connectedness. Feel the hope and the peace of this magnetic fit. Feel, through the solar plexus, a different reality to being on earth; a boost, a regeneration, a rejuvenation. Feel the energy fill the cavities of your being. Experience the wholeness. Feel how much was missing from your previous sense of identity. Recognise who you truly are with this added layer of life.

Allow yourself to rejuvenate, to become efficient in the use of your energy. It’s like using renewable energies rather than fossil fuels; we can save our resources and enhance the life force, rather than deplete it.

We have a flow of renewable energy. We can feel invigorated, yet calm and at peace. Male energy can be softer and more sensitive in its approach, not so power orientated. Men and woman can find peace with each other. And there is less fear of growing old and infirm”.

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