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Today, as this latest channelling suggests, it really is the Time to Change. In my book of that name – published in late 2011 – the guidance says that time itself is changing. The rhythm of our lives, the movement of our lives; the ‘point’ of our lives is different now, and we have the freedom and opportunity to relax in a new way into the fluidity and creativity of this deep vein of existence called Life.

Here is the latest channelling followed by an audio meditation.  (Incidentally, if you wish to be alerted to new posts please contact me)

“May we take the opportunity to suggest that the moment of change has arrived: not only for the individuals who have been working so hard on the meaning and purpose of their lives but also for the planet itself. We wish to suggest that the earth itself is undergoing the most radical shift in consciousness since time immemorial.

The earth is now ready to enjoy itself! Which may sound extremely odd. But in the past there has been so much pain and suffering that the earth has carried a ‘wound’ that has never been assuaged. Now, however, contrary to everything we see around us, the earth feels itself cleansed of that wound. And the reason it feels cleansed of that wound is that so many, many, many people on the planet have actually begun to recognise themselves as spiritual beings on earth at this time.

The earth is washing away all its hurt; its woundedness; its misunderstandings, as indeed are those people who have chosen to change, those who recognise themselves for true human beings with kindness in their hearts, and kindness towards the planet they live on.

We suggest that all the confrontation we are seeing in the world today is almost like hot air; like steam and bile exploding out into the ethers, and not down into the earth’s crust and core and consciousness. It is being absorbed and transformed out there in the ethers by universal black matter. And the earth itself is reverting to a planet of beauty, not a planet of misunderstanding that needs healing.

It sounds far fetched, we understand that, but earth itself is a being of great beauty now. People of consciousness, who have touched beauty in themselves, are able and willing and wanting to touch earth’s beauty, in the deep conscious understanding that man and earth now have an incredible opportunity for cooperation, and enjoyment, and Life Everlasting on earth, at this time.

It is not clear to many people how this cooperation can happen, but each individual, as he and she begins to trust their place on earth, will begin to feel themselves in touch with their counterpart energy on earth; in earth; through earth. It is as though there will be a matching moment of clarity and understanding about who and what you are on earth, and where your contribution can be made. And through the earth’s understanding, each individual can absorb how and what the earth wishes humanity to be; how the earth wishes humanity to create in the most incredible ways.

Some people, for example, work with clay of the earth; some people grow; some people dig; some people understand the nature of earth; the sacred places on earth as many did in the old times. What we would suggest is that getting real, getting Life, majoring in earth law, is now becoming more and more possible, while the hot air simply blows itself into oblivion.

We would take for granted that every human being wants to live a beautiful life on earth; wants to relax and enjoy everything the earth now has to offer. What cannot continue for much longer is the incredible greed of so many people, and countries and megastars. It is time to reject attitudes that take greedily from the natural resources and offerings that the earth has given freely and kindly. They are not to be grabbed and owned and multiplied in the way that has been encouraged for so long.

Whatever it takes to stop that greed, whether it is earth-speak, or political-speak or individual speak, that is the key for returning to life on earth in the way it is meant to be.”


Listen to the meditation now and feel yourself moving from above the earth to life on earth now.