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All Shook Up!

January 2015 Channelling

Gathering to predict what 2015 will bring, four eminent BBC reporters agreed that since their predictions last year, 2014 had brought many totally unforeseen events: for example the rise of ISIS, the annexation of Crimea, and the outbreak of Ebola virus.

This year we have been shocked by events so global in scale that they have affected us all, no matter where we are in the world. As one of the reporters said ‘the world is too unpredictable to predict these days’.


“A year has just passed when lives have been shaken up all round the world. If you were to imagine a pack of Smarties being shaken up and all the colours bouncing about inside the pack, you would know that all the buttons would be in different places. It wouldn’t be obvious because the colours are all still there. You wouldn’t know how much the bag had been shaken up if you hadn’t watched it happen yourself.

It is as though everyone has been shaken up like a packet of Smarties. Everything is still there and yet everything is different.

We are happy to wish everyone a Happy New Year, in the understanding that all the shaking has now happened. All the changing and sorting and realigning has actually happened, Even if it isn’t obvious because everything at some level still looks the same.

In the next few weeks everything, however, will begin to feel different – just slightly different. For just a moment the idea of who you are will feel estranged from you, as though you can’t quite get a handle on it. But then, a moment later, you will feel back in touch in the same old way – and yet, we suggest, in a very new way too.

It’s a very subtle thing this shaking about that has taken place. You will sense that the Smartie colours are all still there and yet they are somehow replaced in a different order.

There will be more emphasis on the colours that were less obvious before. The colour pink, for example. The pink in your being is now important in a way that it wasn’t before. The pink does not make you more or less the way you were, but promotes a softening within the being, a sense of a more delicate infrastructure – no matter what age you are.

There is a softening up of your armoured self, and when the armour comes off there is a sense of freedom, a new feeling of potential. The new pink makes you feel fresher than ever before, crisper; more active.

We would say a new relationship to pink is now one of the most important relationships that human beings can aspire to. It is as though, in the mixing of the pack of Smarties, humanity’s colours have been freshened up. This freshness of infrastructure will allow each individual to take him or her self seriously, in a way that he has never been able to do before, and become aware of himself as a more unique and defined human being.

It is as though the shake-up of 2014 has allowed the energy of who we truly are to come into sharper focus.

As the world gets smaller and smaller and everyone’s business affects everyone else’s, there is the beginning of a new definition of what it is to be human. Instead of fearing to ‘leave the crowd’, on the contrary, leaving the crowd allows you to experience this new definition of your unique self. And in 2015 as you take more and more courage, you will begin to feel invigorated, able to redefine who you are, what you do and how you do it: to define how to become uniquely you.”