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We take the opportunity to reassure our friends in incarnation that all is well, and all manner of things shall be well.

So much has happened over the last months and years, so that everybody is shaken and stirred. And yet, in the outbreath of life, there is the possibility of feeling stable within your being, even as the world continues to swirl.  And that is different from these last months and years when the whole of humanity, including you, was whirring and turning, feeling out of control and off-centre.

Now it is truly possible to feel stable and calm, as a ‘funnel of stability’ pours down through the centre of the chaos. As though a funnel of light is coming out of the swirling clouds. So that in your own being, absolutely centred within who and what you are, you can find the stability you have been seeking.

And as the funnel of energy focusses down through your being and allows you to make that newly calibrated outbreath, feel a sense of calm returning, within your whole being.  Now, simply trust that this funnel of calm is also available to your loved ones, your environment, and your community. But it is not for you to take responsibility for that or to worry about it.

 The only thing you need to do at this moment in time, is feel your own sense of stability returning, stabilising, and grounding. And as you feel the outbreath, you stabilise within your own being, without worrying about anyone else right now.

There is a feeling in the firmament that these rays of stabilising energy which are hitting the earth and touching individuals, are the natural outcome of the turning and swirling and chaos that have been in the firmament for so long. This down-pouring of stability into individuals now, is the natural outcome after chaos.

Of course, there is still the chaos, and yet, in the now moment, you can become aware of your own stability, your own wellbeing. And more than that, you can feel the enjoyment and experience the pleasure of being inside your own self, not swirling and turning and skirmishing in the chaotic environment around you.

The important thing to remember is that, right now, you are only responsible for your own wellbeing. That comes first. And in that sense of stability and wellbeing you will act far more appropriately to your responsibilities or engagements. Because you will know then what you can cope with; what you can accept from your world and from those around you, and what you can no longer tolerate, or want to be engaged with.

Although you might feel this would limit your life, there is so much more life within your own being; within your own wellbeing and within your own stability, than anything outside right now. You will act from a place of recognition of your true integrity, and then you will know who and what you wish to be engaged with, out there.

This might mean a change of environment, or of friendship. But above all, it means that you do not tangle yourself in the chaos of the world. It simply means you will know how you are meant to be in your world – and allow that to be your guide now.

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