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APRIL 2020

WE suggest today that you allow yourselves the privilege of being stressed a little. It is absolutely natural that stress is playing a part in this difficult circumstance called Coronavirus.

And yet, in our view, the only worry that those of you engaged in the bigger picture might have right now, is how long the virus might take for it to make a real difference in the consciousness of humanity, and to herald a different future.

It is time to change. It is time to change.* 

And here we have the biggest instrument of change in our lifetimes. It is time now for a real sea change of activity; of thinking, of understanding – in a much broader and wider world than humanity has allowed so far.

It is as though every nation has been nation building over eons of time. And now, with the virus, there is the opportunity for globalisation. Not globalisation in the economic sense – which we know has absolutely run its course; has run riot – but globalisation of a different nature: of fairness and inclusion . There are already many instances of this, with those who were formally driven by greed now driven to altruism.

The anxieties around the current crisis are different for each generation and each individual because priorities are different. But whichever way those anxieties manifest, for those of you who are feeling stressed we ask you to stop thinking of it as life threatening.

There are, of course, some people who will succumb to the Coronavirus. But we ask you begin to allow yourself  to trust – and experience for yourselves – that the Continuum from Life to Death, to Life, to Death, is all one Idea: the Idea of what it is to be manifest in universal terms. It is a continuum concept.

If you sit quietly within your own body you can, and will, feel a real wave of calm coming right through you.  Know it IS possible to have a true moment of calm.

And from here, this moment of calm,  allow yourself to begin to trust, to imagine, to understand that this present moment – however difficult the present moment –  holds ‘It All’: the Continuum of life and death, of manifestation, and equilibrium, and equality, and understanding, and tranquillity.  And instead of all the stress and anxiety, allow yourself to fill with It All, and know you will manage; know it will work out.

Just to be in the present, and know that it is possible to feel a breath of calm. To register it as true, and to understand that in that moment you are holding it all: life, death, manifestation, joy, happiness, tranquillity.

Why not now relax and listen to Annie’s April audio meditation:


*Perhaps you would like to refer again to Annie’s book ‘Time to Change: a guide to life after greed’  Written in 2011 it has even greater relevance in 2020.