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May we suggest today that the next twenty-three years are absolutely crucial to the emergent new humanity. These next years have such a different tone, such a different emphasis, such a different understanding of what it is to be human in the 21st century.

We take for granted that right now you feel within your being, almost within your bone structure, that things are different, that things have changed. So that when you contemplate the next twenty-three years it is as though a light comes on, the light of the mind.

Very soon it will become apparent that you have a different view on things, a different sense of what is important and what is not important.  As though all the unimportant things have been washed away, and you are confronted only by what is important. And it brings relief, because so often you cannot, or could not, see the wood for the trees. You didn’t know what was significant to you, and what you needed to leave behind.

But now this light of the mind will clarify what is important, so your life can become less cumbersome, less cluttered. And we suggest, if you are of the mind, you might like to declutter right now. Sort out, let go, take to the charity shop, anything that is not really important in your life.

And when we say ‘clear the clutter’ we mean papers, and furniture, and anything in your kitchen, for example, that is no longer relevant to this moment in your life. Things that have been travelling with you for many years and have no real importance to you now. So that in this metaphor you realise that only what is important is now within you and around you.

And in that sense, you can see where greed came in, or where want came in. It is a releasing of wanting, needing, and the urge to have what you don’t yet possess. When you see that in this new phase of your life, the light will shine only on what is important, you will feel less stuffy, less cluttered, less ‘stuffed up’.

And in this lightness of being, this new lightness of touch, you will begin to feel the wood for the trees: your environment, your understanding of who you are and why you are. And in that will come the knowing of how you function, how you contribute, and what you need to do to make yourself available.

We don’t mean you have to do great things. You can simply be your truth, and in that recognition, you are doing something great. It is not about rushing around; but standing still in who you are.

If, since the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction on the Solstice, you have felt a period of stop and inactivity, shortly it will begin to move forward (as the roll-out of the vaccine will begin to move us forward).  Life will change; life will open out again. You will become aware of a new relationship to who you are; who you want to be, and with whom you want to be it. You will feel how to move and have your being in the next while.

See yourself moving into this new clarity, this new unfettered selfhood, cleared from the clutter of eons of life. It has lightness, a smile to it, a ‘why did I get so worried about that?’ feeling to it. Because all that clutter, all that worry, all that wondering ‘is it, could it, should it?’ will dissipate into the ethers.

And here you are still standing upright, within your own sense of self, without anyone else’s interference. Your own master; nothing pulling the strings. And you walk forward, you walk tall, you walk in your own shoes and chose your own fortune. Allow yourself to trust that this is so, and that you are your own best friend, best ally, best companion, and best all-round ‘good egg’. 

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