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MAY 2024

We would take the opportunity to reassure our friends in incarnation that blue skies are on the horizon now.   And with Blue Skies truly on the horizon, and as the month progresses, the sun begins to shine, and the sky begins to lose its cloudiness.

So that you begin to feel that hope. and understanding, and clarity are coming into your dreams; into your life; into your environment.  If you could just believe that there are nothing but blue skies from now on.

It is quite a leap from the turmoil of the last months and years. Your own turmoil. Being thrown back time and time again, under the grey clouds of past history,  revisiting, yet again, those murky corners; those clouds within you.  So that there have been moments when life has seemed more difficult than ever. 

But remember.… blue skies from now on.  And the clouds are passing, and the sun is shining on you, and you see there are no longer those darker corners. The sun really does show you that you are clear now. You don’t have to dwell on those possible murky corners. Nothing still to be cleansed and cleaned out.

Trust that. Trust that it is done now.  It really is done now. You have let it go. You can relax, surrender to knowing the higher being that is you, and that there are other higher beings who care about you and look after you.  Trust that they hold you now, so you won’t slip back. That you won’t keep delving. Stand clear and shining under the blue skies, from now on.

And there is in the firmament such a sigh of relief.  A sense that they no longer have to work so hard, because you are standing in your own light.  You are becoming more aware that you are co-communicators; that you have clout in your own lives now, and that you are in touch with such beauty. You know that you are now co-conspirators for change. You now see yourself in a community of love and truth.

And you surrender to that now. You surrender into your own space, and trust that this really has been cleaned and sorted.  Trust you are now a co-worker, without the constant feeling you have let yourself, and the universe, and everyone else down.

Stand in the real sense that it is now time to begin as equal partners for change and understanding, and clarity.  If you have a creative outlet that’s fabulous. But above all it is time to know you have touched every base and are worthy to call yourself a co-worker with All That Is. Just by being you.

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