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APRIL 2024


We take the opportunity to reassure our friends in incarnation that, despite the incredibly bumpy ride in April, astrologically, you really can sail through the middle. Like the parting of the waves, you are able to sail through the middle. And you can feel calm, despite the stormy waters of on either side of you, safe in your moving little boat.

What we ask you to do in this month of April, is to sit in the boat, calmly, enjoyably. Do not feel bad that the waters are so stormy around you, beside you. Because staying calmly in your boat means more for universal evolution than standing up in the boat, rocking it and raising your fists to the storm.  It means far more in the scheme of the transition now, to be calm, knowing you are sailing through the middle of this mighty, raging storm.

Because, yes, it is stormy, and there are many people engaged in ranting, describing, talking about it to all and sundry.  But, we suggest, they are not helping themselves – or universal evolution – by doing so at this critical moment of change.

If you hear it, accept that this how people feel; how they want to engage with their lives. But do not let it be your truth. Allow your truth to be the calm, smiling person in the moving boat, who knows that this is the way it should be: accepting these tumultuous experiences that people are going through right now.

If you can understand that these raging seas, in universal terms, have already played themselves out. We are, if you like, ahead of this scenario of understanding. And if you can believe that, and if you can believe it is already true that we are sailing in calmer waters, allow yourself to relax profoundly.  

Feel inside that it has changed – for you, in the now moment. Feel you can trust that you are sailing towards a deep recognition of what that means, for you and those around you, when the time comes, when the storms will have passed. In the world of today.

Experience how it is to feel clear, ready to take hold of what that means in your life. And know, then, how you move through life, how you have your being in a very different way, with a very different relationship to everything in your world.

Why not allow Easter to be a true death and rebirth, as it was always meant to be. Allow yourself the privilege of living, really living, in a way of which perhaps you’ve had an inkling, but could never quite grab hold of.

Trust that it is now. Trust that it is soon. Trust that it is you.  And that you will know who you are, where you are, and why you are.

Why not sit very comfortably and listen to Annie’s very latest audio meditation: