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A Wonder – Full Easter

April 2015 Channelling

Acknowledging that positive thinking affects our physical body, psychologists in California now suggest that the healthiest thing of all (reducing inflammation in the body) is the experience of awe and wonder: through such things as nature, music or mystical experience.

At Easter in the Christian tradition, mourning a death becomes a celebration, when Christ makes the transition from the physical body to the Life Everlasting, leaving behind a legacy of love and healing

But what if it is now possible for us all to let go suffering and move on, as though from one life to another, in the one life we already have?

That’s pretty awesome.


There is a real message this particular Easter – and we say this without fear that we are excluding other religions or sensibilities because, in a wider sense, it also addresses the unfolding universal moment.

Easter in the Christian tradition celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. A man who was crucified then released from the body into the joy of a new dimensional reality – or the Kingdom of God. But in our view it is now possible for all humanity to be released from the wheel of suffering to know that the ‘all that is’ can live and have its being within everyone.

It is quite clear that we are in extraordinary times: a time of extraordinary wisdom and a time of extraordinary stupidity. Practically everyone feels these double aspects within themselves. One minute they feel incredibly wise, and the next incredibly stupid – feeling so unsafe, so insecure, so wounded – when on the whole they have so much.

When you touch the place of the stupidity, feeling so anxious, so crucified, this place sits on top of you like a cloud. It does not have an intrinsic validity inside you. It is like a smog that has descended and things feel unreal, mixed up and wrong.

To make this clearer it is as though mankind has polluted the air it breathes. In other words, you may think of global warming as polluting the air, but mankind had polluted its own air. This crucifying insecurity and self-dislike has created this cloud that has descended.

The wisdom to understand this is actually in the body, and what we need to concentrate on now is the incredible wisdom within each individual. There is a little corner in the heart that knows this over-cloud, this miasma of human detritus, has pulled the wool over our eyes. And the heart experiences an ‘ah ha’, which says ‘it’s ridiculous, just ridiculous’.

What a relief. To know it’s an overlay that we have all subscribed to.

Let this Easter, this moment in time, this death on the cross, have a real significance. It marks the end of a vast era in mankind’s history. The ‘Cross to Bear’ is now leaving the planet. We have all clung to our cross to bear. We inhabit our wounds and slights because we need to. If we don’t have a cross to bear, who are we? Where are we? Do we exist?

It’s a moment of truth. The old order in which devotion to God – with its consequent cross to bear – is changing. The cross to bear ties you down, chains you to the earth in a negative way. And the wisdom to know this is growing in the heart now. When you realise that you no longer need a cross to bear, feel the lightness, the gentleness in the air around you. Feel people able to enjoy other people, doing good things, living in a companionable way.

This is the UN Year of Light. It is not insignificant. It is the end of our devotion to a cross to bear. As the heart opens to this wisdom the whole environment clears; the light can come through. After all this time, it feels like a miracle.

The light calls; like a chord of music, it resonates at a deeply intuitive level. Listen carefully to your own heart now. This isn’t group consciousness; it is individual consciousness. The herding instinct – which over-lights the life of the cross to bear – needs to be realigned. Recognise the value and significance of your own individual consciousness, infused with light.

Listen carefully to your own calling, your own music, your own vibration, and take the time to adjust your lives accordingly. Only then, when there is a huge groundswell of individual wellbeing and kindness, can community and group function in a clear and untainted way.”

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