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Death And Resurrection

April 2013 Channelling

Perhaps David Milliband, who is resigning his parliamentary seat and quitting politics to pursue a completely new goal in the States, is the lucky one. Despite the pain caused by the death of his former aspirations and dreams, his life can begin again in a totally new way, on a new track.

Easter is about death and resurrection. The death comes; there is a time of living in no-man’s land when it feels like the end of the world; and then, if we have the strength and courage to let nature take its course, come the signs of the Resurrection.


“Death and rebirth are part of everyone’s life right now. There is a death happening at a deeper level than for many millennia.

Death comes to us all, but what people forget is that there is death in life all the time. We are living and breathing and dying to ourselves moment by moment. Cells live and die in constant motion, constant flux. New cells are born and we continue living and dying every second of our lives. It is a comforting thought that when the plants die in winter, they open up to the light and begin living again in the spring.

Take heart; because as well as our daily living and dying, there are cycles, and cycles within cycles, of living and dying that take place over time, over millennia.

But today, right now, is the biggest death of all; a change from life to death, which can ultimately bring about a birth into the greatest understanding of Life that humanity has experienced since its inception.

We are experiencing a death of all it has been so far to be human. We are opening up to a conscious understanding of what it is to be totally alive; to know ourselves as a fully-fledged human beings on Earth, operating in the world of men and women, but also in touch with the universal world of ‘all that is’.

But to become fully alive we have to have the courage to completely collapse into death: no more no less.

The old world order is dying and is seen to be dying, yet we are hanging on for dear life through fear. We are afraid to let go and die to ourselves. We continue to grasp and claw our way up a tree that is corrupted and decaying beneath our feet, and ultimately has to fall.

Times are changing. Whether or not we have a particular spiritual view of life there is no doubt in our minds that things cannot go on as they are. There is no doubt about that at all.

We are watching a dying world, an inevitably dying world that is crumbling fast and furious while those who fear the most are those who are clutching at material straws.

There are tempests: financial and political in the outside world. There are threats of terror, corruption, war and loss. People are afraid of so much, and are persuaded to be afraid and are persuaded to hold on even tighter.

But if we withdraw our attention for a moment, dare to be alone and allow ourselves to die in peace. If we dare to feel the death going on inside us; if we listen carefully to how different we are feeling, have the courage to see we are in the process of becoming new, renewing our commitment to being ourselves, finding ourselves in new waters. Then we have power and a handle on the new future; a future that in reality is very different to the one we think we know now.

Spring may seem a long time coming. But it surely will, because it always does. And the shoots are young and new and exciting.”

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