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Annie’s Notebook 6



A regular review: For those who feel there’s something more.

This month’s topic


Recently the guides suggested to a client that she ‘stop talking and listen, listen, listen.’ By ‘talking’ they meant talking to herself; working everything out, controlling everything – and everyone – in her life, filling her head with ‘noise’.

And in her story below, Roz talks about meditation, ‘which helped to prevent the monkey mind darting from thought to thought.’ Most of us are guilty of that. We don’t stop talking long enough to listen to who we really are.


“The moment we are born we come out head first! And yet, at the top of our head is a very tender patch where the skull has not yet formed into the full cranial protection it becomes a little later. There is just a moment in which the Gods are still able to communicate, through the top of the head, with the child of the universe that each child is. And then the skull forms over that link to the Gods and he or she is encased in matter completely.

For the rest of its life the child has a faint memory that once it was linked to the Gods and to the universe from which it came. But the world of hard knocks makes that glimmer less and less until usually by around the age of seven this link has been forgotten. There remains just the residue of sadness that we cannot remember something very important. Within every human being is this residue of sadness.

When we are seven we have learned our ABC and have started counting, and counting makes us use our heads more and more and more. And those who count most – the bankers, the misers, the controllers, the people in charge – make their heads harder and harder, and with this hardness comes control and more control and then totally out of control with their controlling.

Truth to tell it is our education that makes us so headstrong. The hardening of the head says we are intelligent, and yet in truth intelligence is the use of all the faculties at our disposal as human beings.

The greatest of these faculties is the heart. When the heart pumps its blood around our bodies it is lubricating the glands, and the glands are the power-house of the beautiful world of magical living. Magical living is being able to see from every angle the world we live in, and it is the glands that ‘see’. It is the glands that secrete the hormones that travel through our circulation that inform our lives in a particular way.

When the full functioning of the glands is allowed to change in an evolutionary way, as they are right now, then we begin to the see the world, as intended, in its constantly changing nature.  It is the hardening of the head that separates us from our bodies and then the hormones begin to play tricks on us.

Right now most human beings have hormonal issues that keep them from staying loose, staying functional on all cylinders. The way to ease the flow of the blood and lubricate the glands is to sit still, release the head stuff and feel the Earth from the bottom up. Feel the earth’s juices flowing upwards into your being, so that ultimately you know how to flow. Know yourself as part of the flow of Earth’s wisdom, not just a head way above the clouds disconnected from the being that knows best who you are.”

What triggered the bigger picture for you and set you on your spiritual journey?

The Spring Newsletter of (which offers holistic therapies and retreats) has this quote by Rainer Maria Rilke: “ If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.”

This resonates well with Roz’s story: “As a child I hardly slept, and would wake in the middle of the night and sit looking out of the large bay window, at the dark expanse of starry sky, until sunrise. On one particular night when I was about ten years old, a thought intruded into my small safe world. It seemed like a message from the stars, taunting me with the words, ‘maybe there’s nothing’. The search for ‘something’ became my whole world; a secret life that only appeared in my journals and songs. I went searching for the truth.

Moving to London showed me the loneliness of the crowd and city life, but I also met many souls searching for truth. Meditation helped, stopping the ‘monkey mind’ darting from thought to thought, opened me to the eternal peace that resides deep within us all.

Gradually the realisation came that the ‘maybe there’s nothing’ thought was merely a way to open the soul; that the message from the stars was in fact a wonderful opportunity for growth, and London was a great cocoon.

I found my way back home to Scotland and to the Findhorn Foundation, where I met the spirits of nature and my Aussie husband! Findorn taught me to be natural again, and to see all of life as an oracle and mentor. Findhorn also inspired me to gather up my songs and send them out to the world. The nature spirits told me to sing myself into the light, and take everyone with me! I began to sing for nature and the trees, for they are the reason why humans can live on this planet.

Hermes Trismegistus tells us ‘the secret is hidden, in full view’. I puzzled over this for years until one day while meditating, I realised that everything that exists in all universes is One thing moving and unfolding. We are part of it, therefore we are It!

It is not nothing, it is Everything.”

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