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    JULY 2021

    We take the opportunity to reassure our friends in incarnation that many many people have truly changed their perspective on the old lives they have been leading. And that Covid has rearranged almost everything in world terms. 

    Such an event cannot but bring through the things we have spoken of for so long. And that is, a change of heart and a change of mind, about what is and is not important to humanity’s wellbeing.

    So many people, despite appearances, have become kinder; more kind-hearted about the way they live, the way they treat people, the way they think about the environment in which they live.

    There are of course exceptions. There are those whose narcissism has allowed them to treat the rest of the world as they always have; without a care for others, only for themselves. But we suggest that this edifice of narcissism really is crumbling, even while in the last throes of fighting a rear-guard action.

    On the whole, post the outbreak of Covid, there is a much kinder world, a far less ‘me first’ world. And if you trust that, and if you can stop worrying about the ignominies that you perceive around you, you really can take heart.  And we mean that almost literally: take your heart and allow it to rest.

    Allow your heart to stop pounding away at the iniquities you perceive around you. Instead, perceive the kindness around you; the new sense of kind-heartedness. If you allow your heart to open, you will perceive it. You will receive it. You will be it. And you will know it.

    And then, as you rest in that, you can open your eyes and see something different in your environment; in your own lives, in your understanding of yourself and others, and in the world around you.

    We ask you to trust that, to know that, to realise once again that you are what you perceive, and by really trusting that you can perceive your world as kind and precious and changing, it changes in front of your eyes. The world itself is seen through different eyes, a different heart, a different manifestation.

    And if you do see those narcissistic, ‘me first’ actions in operation, you can trust that this is not your world, this is not how you see life. And it’s as though this wave of narcissism can simply fizzle away. In our view, it will show in politics; it will show in a nicer, kinder humanity.

    In our view, life is on that edge of becoming newly calibrated. We have said it for so long, but we ask you to turn yourselves towards your kind life; towards your busier life in terms of perceiving your environment to be kind. Watch for the difference; feel the difference. If you stay kind, no one can defend against that. Eventually they have to respond in kindness.

    So, this is kindness month.  Holding in there; not worrying about ‘are you this’, or ‘are you that’?  Because, quite frankly, you don’t need to be anything other than kind-hearted now.

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